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Learning All About Insurance Policies

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Learning All About Insurance Policies

How Your Address Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

Anthony Rhodes

Are costly car insurance premiums a concern to you? If so, you should know that a factor that can easily affect how much you pay is your address. Here are 4 factors your insurance provider could be looking at to determine the rate that you pay.

The Distance You Live From School or Work

One big factor that insurance premiums will be based off of is mileage, since the more miles you drive, the greater the chance will be of you getting into a car accident. That said, the most common places you'll be driving to almost every single day is school or work. If you have to travel many miles to get there, your annual mileage will increase more than if you lived nearby, causing you to get a higher premium.

If Auto Theft Is a Problem In Your Area

Your insurance provider also looks at the area that you live in, and determines if it is an area that has a high rate of car theft or vandalism. Living in a high crime or low crime area does not always mean that crime related to car theft and vandalism is the same, since it is its own statistic that is a part of the overall crime rate. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you are moving into an area and looking into the crime rate.

Where Your Car Is Parked

A question that you may be asked if where you will be parking your car. While this may seem like an odd question if you live in the suburbs, realize that people that live in the city do not always have the choice to park their car where they live. When it comes to insurance rates, there is a difference if you have a personal garage on your property, don't have a garage and leave your car outside, need to street park somewhere in the area, or rent a space at a local parking garage. The more secure your car is, the less you'll pay in premiums.

Your Local Insurance Laws

Different parts of the country can have their own laws regarding how much auto insurance you are required to have. If your state requires that you have more coverage, your rates could be high simply because you can't make cuts to your coverage like you could if you lived in another state.

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