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Learning All About Insurance Policies

My name is Eric Bowman, and if you have questions about insurance, this is the blog you need to read. I was always confused when I had to purchase insurance. I would either end up paying for insurance I didn't need or I wouldn't buy the right policy. I finally decided that I was going to learn all I could about insurance policies so that I would understand exactly what I was buying. Now, I am completely satisfied with my insurance and the coverage is just what I need. I realized that there are others who are probably just as confused as I was, so I am writing this blog to help others get the best insurance for their needs and budget. I hope that my blog gives you the information you need to make the right choices when purchasing insurance.


Learning All About Insurance Policies

How To Maintain Your Home Insurance Coverage

Anthony Rhodes

Buying homeowner's insurance coverage is one of the most important measures you can take to protect your home. Therefore, it's not only important that you buy the right coverage, but also that you don't do anything that threatens it. Here are some of the things you need to protect your home insurance coverage:

Maintain Your Home

Home insurance is meant for covering unexpected or accidental risks, and not maintenance-related damages. It is your responsibility to ensure that your home is properly maintained so that it doesn't suffer water damage because the gutters are sagging, or fire damage because the chimney hasn't been cleaned for a long time. In fact, you will find yourself making claim after claim if your home isn't properly maintained. Don't be surprised if your home insurance carrier drops you after learning that your home is poorly maintained.

Be Honest With Your Insurer

Dishonesty, even if it doesn't rise to the point of hard fraud, can endanger your home insurance policy. Don't forget that being dishonest is not just about lying to your insurer when they ask you questions; it is also about not volunteering information that affects your risk status. For example, you are being dishonest if you don't inform your carrier when your house is vacant or if you add an extra room to your home and don't inform the insurer, and chances are high that your coverage will be dropped if the insurer learns about it later on.

Avoid Crime

On the surface, it looks as if your criminal history shouldn't have any bearing on your home insurance coverage. Well, it is not that a crime will automatically get your policy dropped; it is just that the nature of your crimes may reveal to the insurer hidden risks that they didn't know about you before. For example, if you have been charged with arson, the insurance company might conclude that you like playing with fire, which means there is a risk you may burn down your home. Insurance companies understandably don't like dealing with such obvious risks.

Ensure Your House is Code Compliant

Lastly, it's also good to ensure that your house is up to code if you want to maintain coverage (your home will be safe, too). In fact, some insurance companies will order a short home inspection, especially if your home is aging or if they suspect noncompliance, before renewing your coverage. Of course, you don't have anything to worry about if your home is properly maintained.

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