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Learning All About Insurance Policies

Why You Should Consider Not Filing A Claim If You Are At-Fault

Anthony Rhodes


When you have car insurance, you may have coverage for a number of different types of accidents that can happen. Because of this, you might have the option of filing a claim if you are at-fault for an accident, but it is important to know that just because you have the right to file a claim does not mean that you should. Here are some reasons you might want to consider not filing a claim in a situation like this.

Your policy does not cover the incident

The first thing to find out is whether or not you even have insurance coverage for the type of incident that occurred. If you do not have the type of coverage needed to cover the incident, it would not make any sense for you to file a claim, as your insurance company would instantly deny paying it due to a lack of coverage. If you find out you have insurance coverage for the incident, there are some things you should think about before you rush to file a claim.

No other cars were involved and the damage was minimal

When you are at fault for an accident that did not involve any other cars or people, there is a chance you would be better off not filing a claim. When others are involved, a claim must be filed if you caused the accident, unless you wanted to pay the damages yourself. If no one is involved in the accident other than you, the damages might not be severe enough for you to file the claim.

Before you decide, though, find out your deductible amount and compare it to the damages your car incurred. If the damage is under the amount of the deductible, filing a claim would not offer any real help to you, as you would be responsible to pay all of the damages anyhow.

You can protect your record

The main thing to realize is that if you can avoid filing a claim after an accident, you can protect your record. Filing a claim for damages can cause your insurance rates to rise, so you could protect your rates if you decide to skip filing a claim.

Not filing a claim is a good idea in certain situations; however, it is not always the best option. If you have questions about claims or auto insurance coverage, talk to an insurance agent today.

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