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Learning All About Insurance Policies

Three Top Benefits of a Medicare Advantage Plan

Anthony Rhodes

The two Medicare coverage options available are Original Medicare or the Medicare Advantage plan (also Part C or MA plan). The Original Medicare plan comprises Part A (hospital coverage, and Part B (medical coverage).

However, the Medicare Advantage plan is a far more superior product as it offers more comprehensive coverage than the Original Medicare. For instance, the MA plan covers all the benefits under the Original Medicare, with vision, hearing care, and dental benefits to boot.  

Below are some more benefits of a Medicare advantage plan

 An MA Plan Is Cost-Effective

When you compare the money patients pay versus the services offered, an MA plan is incredibly cost-effective. In most MA plans, you pay extremely low premiums or none at all. The government usually clears the cost for parts A, B, and C. However, a small copay applies for part B. All in all, you still enjoy more services at no extra cost. 

Furthermore, the Medicare advantage plan has a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP), which means that once you hit the set limit, the MA plan still pays for the covered services in full. Consequently, you save a ton of money each year, especially if you need hospitalization. 

An MA Plan Provides More Coverage

Compared to the Original Medicare, an MA plan offers you an extensive range of services. The law requires that an MA plan accommodates all the services provided by the original Medicare (medical and hospital insurance), but they also offer additional benefits. 

These additional benefits can include hearing, vision, and dental coverage. Moreover, you also enjoy wellness-related benefits such as free gym memberships and in-home health visits. Even better, you pay no extra cost for over-the-counter drugs. On the contrary, you must sign up for Part D prescription drugs in the Original Medicare.

MA Plan Offers Coordinated Medical Care and Flexibility 

Some Medicare Advantage plans, like the Health maintenance organization (HMO), allow you to choose a primary care provider (PCP) to manage your health care needs. Your PCP ensures that you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Also, if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you can drop, switch or join a Medicare Advantage plan twice a year. So, once you take up the Medicare Advantage plan and the initially selected plan does not appeal to you, you can choose another plan or return to the Original Medicare. 

Medicare Advantage Plan offers you more coverage and coordinated care than the Original Medicare, all without breaking the bank. Talk to a knowledgeable Medicare service professional for more information and guidance on a suitable MA plan.