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Learning All About Insurance Policies

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Learning All About Insurance Policies

Don't Own A Car? You Can Still Get A Car Insurance Policy

Anthony Rhodes

If you don't own a car, you aren't required to have car insurance. However, many non-owners do still get car insurance even when they don't own a car. If you are not a car owner, here are several examples of why it may still be good to have car insurance and how to obtain non-owner car insurance coverage.

Examples of Why You Need Non-Owner Car Insurance

There are many reasons why someone who doesn't own a car would benefit from having a car insurance policy. Here are some examples: 

  • You need to drive a company vehicle. Companies do have insurance coverage on vehicles they provide for their employees to drive. However, having your own car insurance offers you and your employer additional protection in the event that you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving a company vehicle and the accident is deemed to be your fault. 
  • You regularly rent vehicles. Each time you rent a vehicle, you have to pay additional costs for insurance coverage. If you regularly rent vehicles, you can save money in the long run by having your own car insurance policy. 
  • You often borrow someone's vehicle. If you borrow a friend or a family member's vehicle, you'll need to be covered under their car insurance policy. Since this isn't likely, having car insurance in your name can protect yourself and your friend or family member. Also, they may be more apt to lend you their car if you have car insurance coverage.
  • Someone may need you to drive their vehicle. Sometimes it's best to expect the unexpected. You'll need your own car insurance coverage if there's an emergency and someone asks you to drive their vehicle for them because they are unable to, such as they are having a non-emergency medical situation or they are unable to drive safely for whatever reason. 
  • You live with someone who owns a vehicle. If you live with someone who owns a vehicle, they won't need to list you on their policy if you have your own car insurance. 

How to Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

To get non-owner car insurance coverage, simply visit an auto insurance agency—such as ABC Insurance—and explain your situation. They will be able to tell you which car insurance companies have policies that are specifically designed for those who want to have car insurance but do not have a vehicle titled in their name. Non-owner car insurance policies are generally more affordable than normal car insurance policies.