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Learning All About Insurance Policies

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Learning All About Insurance Policies

Service Bonds: Advice For Janitorial Companies Getting Them

Anthony Rhodes

If you have a janitorial business, you'll need to use service bonds with clients. They guarantee clients you'll perform cleaning according to details in a contract, giving clients extra peace of mind. To get a service bond today for this type of business, here are some helpful tips to be aware of.

Choose the Right Amount

In order for a service bond to be of value to your janitorial business and the clients that it serves, you need to make sure the service bond is for the correct amount. This will depend on what your company's cleaning jobs entail. You need to figure this out before you ever go looking for one of these bonds.

Think about the costs of your cleaning services and how much you would have to refund clients who might not be happy with the results you provide them. You can then get a service bond that's the correct amount and thus an impactful resource to have for each cleaning job your company accepts. 

Find a Provider That Can Respond Quickly

You may need to get a service bond quickly to work on a client's property right away. In that case, look for a provider that can respond to your bond request immediately. You shouldn't have to wait around long at all in fact.

Fortunately, there are some service bond providers who're always available and can expedite this entire process online. You may be able to get a service bond within a couple of hours, helping you start cleaning jobs without delay.

Compare Rates

In order to get a service bond for your janitorial company, you'll be asked to pay a rate. It will vary from provider to provider and because of this, take as long as you need to compare rates. You then give yourself an easy way to save money on this important bond.

You can gather bond rates online as long as you give each provider key information, including how much you need in this bond and the type of cleaning services you perform for clients.

If you want to succeed when running a janitorial business, then you need to utilize service bonds. They give your clients a guarantee they'll be compensated by the bond provider if they're not happy with the services your company provides. As long as you research these bonds and choose wisely, they'll forever be a valuable solution that saves your company money.

To learn more about janitorial service bonds, contact a local company.