Learning All About Insurance Policies
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Learning All About Insurance Policies

My name is Eric Bowman, and if you have questions about insurance, this is the blog you need to read. I was always confused when I had to purchase insurance. I would either end up paying for insurance I didn't need or I wouldn't buy the right policy. I finally decided that I was going to learn all I could about insurance policies so that I would understand exactly what I was buying. Now, I am completely satisfied with my insurance and the coverage is just what I need. I realized that there are others who are probably just as confused as I was, so I am writing this blog to help others get the best insurance for their needs and budget. I hope that my blog gives you the information you need to make the right choices when purchasing insurance.


Learning All About Insurance Policies

  • 3 Tips For Saving Money On Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies

    30 April 2019

    When it comes to running a medical practice, medical malpractice can be a very high expense. Since medical malpractice rates continue to rise, many physicians and medical practices are looking for ways to reduce the cost of premiums without sacrificing necessary insurance coverage. While medical malpractice insurance will most likely always be one of the more expensive types of insurance policies, there are ways to save. The keys are being organized, prepared, and willing to spend a little bit of time finding a medical malpractice policy that is comprehensive, yet less expensive than what you're currently paying.

  • The Benefits Of Getting A Home Warranty

    13 March 2019

    Buying a home warranty is not the same thing as purchasing home insurance protection for your home, but a home warranty is still an important thing to have. A home warranty will offer protection over things in your home that are not covered by your home insurance policy, and here are some of the benefits you can experience if you have a home warranty. You can get coverage for all the systems and appliances you currently have

  • Six Mistakes That Can Raise The Price Of Your Commercial Truck Insurance

    9 January 2019

    Insurance tends to be a significant expense for commercial trucking operations. Bringing down commercial truck insurance costs could improve your bottom line significantly. The following are six mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to trucking insurance so that you can minimize the overhead costs of your operation.  Paying premiums monthly rather than up front Most companies will charge you more if you break down your policy payment per month rather than paying for your policy all at once.

  • Ways To Lower Home Insurance Premiums

    29 November 2018

    Are you shopping for home insurance? You may find it difficult to compare policies between different providers or are looking for ways to lower the premium prices that you are being quoted. Be aware that there are some ways to reduce your home insurance premiums that you do have control over. Install A Home Security System Taking steps to prevent people from breaking into your home is going to make your house safe, which will be reflected in lower insurance premiums.

  • 3 Helpful Tips When Buying Auto Insurance for the First Time

    5 October 2018

    The road can be a pretty dangerous and unpredictable place. That's why auto insurance exists. It can save you from having to pay for damage after an accident. If this is your first time purchasing this type of policy, these tips will prove helpful.  Gather Multiple Quotes  Not all car insurance companies offer the same rates on their policies. Some will be more expensive than others, which is why you need to compare rates before ultimately choosing a car insurance company to work with.