Learning All About Insurance Policies
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Learning All About Insurance Policies

My name is Eric Bowman, and if you have questions about insurance, this is the blog you need to read. I was always confused when I had to purchase insurance. I would either end up paying for insurance I didn't need or I wouldn't buy the right policy. I finally decided that I was going to learn all I could about insurance policies so that I would understand exactly what I was buying. Now, I am completely satisfied with my insurance and the coverage is just what I need. I realized that there are others who are probably just as confused as I was, so I am writing this blog to help others get the best insurance for their needs and budget. I hope that my blog gives you the information you need to make the right choices when purchasing insurance.


Learning All About Insurance Policies

  • Three Tips To Protect Your Property Through Home Insurance And Repairs

    2 August 2017

    Whenever you are looking to care for your home, you'll need to get a homeowner's insurance policy and handle the repairs that will let you keep your house at its absolute best. There are a number of professionals that can both insure your home to the fullest and fortify your home so that it is able to endure and last through the years. By taking the time to put these tips below to good use, you will have the chance to protect your investment and always receive the best from your house.

  • New Driver? 3 Ways To Control Your Insurance Costs

    28 June 2017

    If you just got your license, you are going to quickly find out that your insurance rates are higher than people who have had their insurance for longer. As a new driver, you present a higher risk to insurance companies, and that risk is going to be reflected in your premium. Here are three actions you can take to ensure that you keep your premium as low as possible. #1 Get Good Grades

  • Will Your Insurance Go Up After An Accident?

    27 April 2017

    Many people are worried about reporting accident claims to their auto insurance company because they fear their premiums will go up. This isn't always the case. Here are some things to know about insurance rates after an accident. It Matters Who's at Fault If you are not at fault for the accident, it generally should not affect your car insurance rates. If you are at fault and the other person opens a claim against you, it is bound to make your insurance rates go up.

  • How Your Address Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

    1 March 2017

    Are costly car insurance premiums a concern to you? If so, you should know that a factor that can easily affect how much you pay is your address. Here are 4 factors your insurance provider could be looking at to determine the rate that you pay. The Distance You Live From School or Work One big factor that insurance premiums will be based off of is mileage, since the more miles you drive, the greater the chance will be of you getting into a car accident.

  • 3 Car Insurance Myths Busted

    21 February 2017

    Have you ever compared your car insurance premiums to a friend's, and wondered why the two were radically different? Unless you're an insurance expert yourself, trying to figure out all of the factors that go into determining your car insurance rates can feel a little like trying to read your future in tea leaves. But there some things that you probably know. For example, you're probably aware that younger drivers cost more to insure, that single people pay higher rates than married people, and that your own driving record, as well as the driving records of the people in your household, are important factors.