Learning All About Insurance Policies
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Learning All About Insurance Policies

My name is Eric Bowman, and if you have questions about insurance, this is the blog you need to read. I was always confused when I had to purchase insurance. I would either end up paying for insurance I didn't need or I wouldn't buy the right policy. I finally decided that I was going to learn all I could about insurance policies so that I would understand exactly what I was buying. Now, I am completely satisfied with my insurance and the coverage is just what I need. I realized that there are others who are probably just as confused as I was, so I am writing this blog to help others get the best insurance for their needs and budget. I hope that my blog gives you the information you need to make the right choices when purchasing insurance.


Learning All About Insurance Policies

  • Understanding Medicare's Donut Hole

    7 July 2023

    When you think of a donut hole, you usually think of a sweet dough ball. Unfortunately, a donut hole means something completely different if you have Medicare Advantage insurance. When you find yourself in it, it is not very sweet. What is a donut hole? How does it work, and how do you get out once you are in it? Here is some information to help you understand this situation. 

  • Service Bonds: Advice For Janitorial Companies Getting Them

    15 May 2023

    If you have a janitorial business, you'll need to use service bonds with clients. They guarantee clients you'll perform cleaning according to details in a contract, giving clients extra peace of mind. To get a service bond today for this type of business, here are some helpful tips to be aware of. Choose the Right Amount In order for a service bond to be of value to your janitorial business and the clients that it serves, you need to make sure the service bond is for the correct amount.

  • What You Shouldn't Believe About Flood Insurance

    4 April 2023

    Floods can have devastating effects on homes. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage and a lot of stress. Even though floods are one of the most common types of natural disasters, many people still do not have flood insurance. It is widely misunderstood. Here are a few common myths about flood insurance that you should not believe. Home Insurance Covers Flood Damage This is one of the most common misconceptions about flood insurance.

  • Do You Need An SR22?

    13 February 2023

    If you have recently been in court on certain charges, the judge may have told you that you need an SR22. But exactly what is this, where do you get it from, and how long do you have to have it? Knowing the answers to these questions and following the court's order could keep you out of additional trouble. What Is An SR22? While people refer to an SR22 as insurance, it is not insurance in the traditional sense of the word.

  • Commercial Insurance: 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Your Business Insurance

    9 January 2023

    One major challenge most businesses face, particularly startups, is securing the right insurance coverage. As a business owner, you should remember that getting the right insurance coverage plays a huge role in the success of your business. Insurance will safeguard your business against costly lawsuits or damage resulting from worker's compensation claims and data breaches. To get the most out of your coverage, steer clear of the following errors. Ignoring General Liability Insurance